Bio/History- The First Installment-

Surf Dudes with Attitudes

By Marc E. Guitarplayer and Franco V. For Vocals

-Sidenote: Marc and Franco do in fact speak in the third person on a regular basis.


"In the adjacent Mojave tent the Sexy Magazines played a raucous blend of Stooges-inspired garage thrash mixed with the glam sensibilities of '70s-era Bowie."

-LA times

"This is pirated rock n' roll right from NYC. From the streets of the lower east side comes The Sexy Magazines. Filling the airwaves with a sound that previously made CBGBs famous, the Sexy Magazines give us a rock n' roll mix with a modern garage rock flavor. Great tunes for fans of The Ramones, The Dead Boys, The Strokes, and The Fever."

-Crashin'in Online Magazine

"The Sexy Magazines were the first band out Saturday, beginning at 12:30 in 87 degree heat. Thank God they were in one of the tents. If you remember, I wasn't able to find any Sexy Magazine music, so I went in without knowing what they sounded like. I can now assert this confidently: Find a live show and go to it. And then buy their album and play it at your next party. A girl will ask to sleep with you. Promise. These guys take dance punk to new levels and should be loved."


"The Sexy Magazines are really awesome. Still mostly unheard of, you can still snatch these guys up and say you heard them first in whatever little indie clique you belong to. This offer won't last long though. Check them out before they blow up to Hot Hot Heat proportions."


"Saturday started with a bang and a whimper. New York dolls The Sexy Magazines rocked hard with provocative, Iggy-style punk, tight pants, and an electrified showmanship that belied their young age. (Forget the Hives –these college kids really are barely legal.)"


"...Little did I know that when the sexy magazines hit the stage these well mannered ladies lost most of their sober composure and went ape shit to the music. Now I was havin fun. The Sexy Magazines grabbed my attention right away with the edgy music and one fire energy that they threw out. For a genre of music that I really didn't like I was thourghly impressed. With a White Stripes / Rolling stones sound and feel I think that this band is gonna show up some where big. The whole set was powerhouse energy that didn't stop until the singer climbed the trellis a the side of the stage and did a Jim Morrison thing the ended up with him gyrating and grinding the floor. Great band. If you get a chance to see these guys don't pass it up."


"How about some music then? The music section is very good. It offers the web surfer and music lover a lot. This section previews and showcases loads of bands, and also allows fans to listen to sound files. It’s definitely a great place for bands to do some shameless self-promoting. You can reunite with bands you love like REM, to bands you may want to discover like The Sexy Magazines."

-Excerpt from talking about

"...The Sexy Magazines, a vibrant and mildly flamboyant group that quickly won over the audience with their exuberance. The Sexy Magazines gave a taste of what bands like Jet and The Strokes could be like if they weren't so diluted by commercialism.

As happens in any good rock show, The Sexy Magazine's set ended in onstage chaos as the band flailed around and the lead singer yelled, "We are the Sexy Magazines" for anyone who may have forgotten who they were watching..."

-The Highlander

"Remember I said that The Sexy Magazines would pump some serious adrenaline and beer into your system? Well I wasn't lying, I definitely was hurting at 7:30 this morning when my alarm went off. So I did what any responsible student would do. Turned it off, rolled over, and slept until 1. Because I'm a genius.

But that's besides the point. The point is this: There is vibrant and visceral music coming out of New York, and music which is being created by people who care. And not about whether their hair is properly bed-ridden. And The Sexy Magazines care. They care about you, the audience, and they care about MUSIC. And, simple as it may sound, these two elements combine to form an amazing band. Simple but not carried out in today's music industry. I really am imploring you to get yourselves down to see a show. Why? Because this is a band who will reaffirm your love of rock, and resurrect the soul of punk. This is a group of guys who have the musical chops of bands twice their ages, and the wild, charismatic energy of rock stars to back it up. You'll see it, their imminent success, as if you're seeing into the future, when you go to their show. You'll see the girls rush to the stage swooning over Franco, who's by then already dripping in mascara and sweat. You'll hear serious-looking musicians and music-lovers who will go over to the band afterwards and ask for comparisons to, say, The Strokes, hoping to pigeon-hole an utterly undefinable band. And amidst this all, you're going to see five of the most talented musicians winking and laughing at it all, hip to that silly notion of "fame" and already moving past it. They're more concerned on recording and punching you in the face with their live energy than posing for Spin with the title "Gang of Five" above them. It's everything people. And it's here. In New York. Be proud of them, support them, and buy their music the minute it comes out. Because this is what is going to help preserve the legacy of rock. Not just The Sexys, but bands of their caliber who have their heads on straight and their musical guns ready to fire. The next show is at the Crazy Donkey, 1058 Rt. 110, Farmingdale, Long Island. It's on the 3rd of April, and it's on the road which I grew up on. I think you should go. Because at the very least, you're going to be entertained. And at the most, as I was last night, you will be floored with the knowledge that rock still exists. And it's still able to grab you by the jaw and take a swing. And thank the Lord for that."

-Like A Rolling Stone

"I'm not wanting to forget New York's Sexy Magazines, who played in the plaza outside the coliseum between sets. They blasted away in classic Dolls-glampunk glory, fun, good and loud, and it's been some time since I've seen a lead singer in mascara playing good music."

-Whiperin & Hollerin

"First of all, I like the name Sexy Magazines (although I liked it better when I first looked at the CD cover and thought they were called the Sexy Machines). It makes me think of some gentile, smoking jacket-clad 1970s ladies man waxing poetic on his back issues of Oui as he sips scotch. And I like the fact that the CD didn’t come with a one-sheet telling me what I’m supposed to say about this release. So bravo on at least two counts!

The Sexy Magazines are yet another urbane New York City hipster-rock band trying to pass themselves off as “high energy” garage/punk rock n’ rollers. But this EP ain’t bad---even though it’s way too mannered to qualify as a “rock n’ roll” record. Basically, this outfit brings a Ramones/Iggy Pop style streetwise edge to an angular, highbrow alt-rock sound. It sounds like these guys were weaned on the “classic” indie rock of the late ’80s and early ’90s, but they’ve absorbed those influences well and spat them out with a classy postmodern flair. Elements of ’70s punk & art school new wave music seem to be part of the Sexy Mags’ equation as well, so it’s hard to pigeonhole this band. Their chic good looks, hip urban mojo, and melodic art-punky guitar lines will surely draw oodles of Strokes comparisons. But such comparisons would be unfair on more than one level. The Sexy Magazines are a lot more original and distinct than The Strokes..."

-Now Wave Magazines